Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding items are starting to collect at Mom's

Grasses to put between flowers in big bouquet.
Magnolia blossems dusted with sparkles and with jewel like centers cones.
7 whtie, 3 burrgundy cala lillies
Multi colored hydrangeas.
Red Hydrangeas
Large Crysanthemums
The description is with the below picture but this was taken with out the flash. It is hard to know how to best capture the colors.
4 little bags with fur, 1/2" satin ribbon, ribbons in gold red and beige, 12 deep red roses, deep red leaves.
Garland of beige and gold berries (with flash) I have 1 sprig as well. (from Chintzy's in Calgary)
Garland of beige and gold berries 6 foot long (with out flash) Sprigs below as shown in Chintzy's

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