Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flower Yourself by Eliza

Yesterday I went to a show at Eliza's house. She is the creative designer of Flower Yourself. Be sure to visit her etsy shop by the same name.
This was Eliza's first show but she had been making flowers for a while. She just whipped up this cute sign just for the show and hung it on her wall. You can tell how creative she is. I was very impressed by the quality of her goods and designs.
There was quite an assortment to choose from. She had made necklaces, head bands, pins, and flower clips on this table.
This is a close up of the head bands. Notice they are on gold or silver head bands to match the tones of the flowers. The paper tag is just her label.
On this table she has baby hair bands and other hair bands more suited for young girls. The hat with a flower was the door prize.
The pins or flower clips can be used to hold scarves in place or . . .
dress up a t-shirt or . . .
adorn a cute bag. There are all kinds of options and uses for her flower creations.
She had two panels of flower pins or clips.
I took two of this one to show the yellow flower that we bought.
The second panel was also full of a variety of flower styles and colors.
She has even created these cute cards to display her items on.
You can't miss the cute bouquet of flowers.
All in all she is a very talented and special lady. We love you Eliza!

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