Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Saturday Projects

Victoria and I made these in our Super Saturday. She made one for Halloween and I will add to this post when I can get a picture of it. What do you think? Do you want any? We are having a family Craft Day on Nov 11th to make a bunch.
Some of them made fridge magnets from glass beads and clothespins with scrapbook paper.
Or worked on other vinyl projects like Family Home Evening or Family Chore Boards . . .
. . . and blocks that say Home and Love.
. . . and Beaded watchbands.
Laura Jensen Taught us how to make potato and cheese Perogies and then we ate them, cabbage rolls and Apple Crisp for lunch. Here she is teaching us how to shape them.
Perogies served with sourkraut and sausage.
Perogies served with bacon and onions.

Apple Crisp with ice cream and a drizzle of Carmel sauce. Ummmm good.

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