Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Challenge #27 - Around Town

Melissa and Kristi have been issuing Photo Challenges for the past 27 weeks. This week is entitled Around Town. When I thought about this I wished we had been able to take a photo of the cow that was running away from the vet and her owner down main street because she didn't want the shot. She moved too fast for us to do that one but it would have been fun. All I could think of was that the most important spot in town for our family has always been Grandma's house. However, my husband didn't think that was a good idea because why would anyone think that was a great photo and it would only be memorable to our kids!

So I have been on the search for something more memorable.

The crisp snow also gives us some fun shadows and crystals. Actually my first visit to our town was in a snow storm so this is appropriate for the impressions that it left on one cold observer. I love the gorgeous drifting effect of snow in the peaceful sunshine after the storm and wind.

We live in a small farming town. I did find something unique but the picture isn't very good.
My husband, his mother and many people from town have worked at this sugar factory. It's smoke stack on stormy days helps us see which way the wind is blowing and what kind of air is up there. Sometimes the smoke will blow straight sideways instead of straight up. Today is clear and sunny after some snow days so there isn't much to see in the smoke but the factory is visible from everywhere since we live on the flat prairies.
We do have fantastic skys. This is a night sky at dusk showing an almost full moon tothe east. The shades of the sky were beautiful as the sun was going down. The colors ranged from the deep blue through purple to the top blue. They just don't show that well here.

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Kristi said... [Reply]

These are all wonderful representations of your town! I sure would've loved to see the cow running down the street...ha!