Monday, November 14, 2011

Photography Challenge #46 - Texture

This week's challenge is Texture. Check out Kristi and Melissa's take on testure. Their textures and angles of photography are fantastic!

I love texture pictures but one of the most unique and fast changing texture were these mushrooms that grew in our lawn this summer. They only lasted two days from small starts to dead black fungus. Sorry I still don't have photo editing capacity so I couldn't make this a better shot. For now I have to be satisfied with just interesting! Enjoy.

The above pictures shows the shape that they started in, just pushing up from the ground and the below pictures shows how the heads fanned out and then started to just descintegrate. It left a black mess. I'm not sure how to get rid of them.

For a different type of texture check out the picture of the cake texture that I made for Jessica's wedding in the next post.

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Kristi said... [Reply]

April, what an amazing texture these mushrooms are and how interesting their two day existence is. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. :)