Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Christmas Quilt - featuring Laurel Burch fabrics

A few years ago Deb was making a tree skirt with cute fabric designed by Laurel Burch. The designer died and I couldn't find her fabrics. However, Jean is closing down her store and having a sale. She didn't have the cute border print that Deb used for the tree skirt but she had some other ones from that line.

Our quilt challenge for this trip from Deb was to do a quilt each with a pattern called French Vanilla. You can see where it got it's name. I am sure everyone's quilt will look different.

I can't do anything normal but this time I did with only varying the colors and feel greatly with this layout. So here is what I have started doing with them.

Finally I finished deciding and sewing being very careful not to include too many of Laurel's signature cats. There are a couple but since we are an "Allergic to Cats" family I had to take artistic liberties.

Just awaiting the actual quilting process a year later . . . no speed here.

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