Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bela's Quilt top is finished

Natalie and I found this cute pattern called "Dolly Claire" by Karen DuMont of KariePatch Designs. She asked me to make it for Bela. So after having the pattern for a while Grandma and I decided to get it started. We started Bela's quilt by cutting all the flowers out. With a trip to Texas coming up I felt a little pressed to get it going!
Once I got to Texas I appliqued all the flowers.
Then came cutting and sewing to finish the rest of the quilt. I just love the pattern and the fabrics. They make me smile and think happy thoughts!!!
Natalie and I found pillows for $3 each so I am made a matching pillow for Bela's bed. Here it is.
I just followed the feel of the quilt top to design this pillow.
Now the question is what is the best way to quilt this? Any ideas? I love getting the tops done but I have no idea how to actually finish them.

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