Monday, June 6, 2011

Photography Challenge #35 - Lines

This weeks challenge from Kristi and Melissa was about lines. When I was looking for a place to take a picture all I wanted to find was something that expressed, "Wow! look at those lines." I couldn't find it in my area so I remembered a photo I took last summer that really inspired me that way. Look at the detail in the drawings and how it goes with the structure.

Lines can be structural as well as decorative. They can express function, movement or in this case, belief. Lines guide our lives just as a fence says this is a boundary or the lines on a road tell us what is expected. The lines in architecture tell us other aspects of our lives. They can be there simply to admire, inspire or direct us to a higher purpose. Lines can tell such intriguing stories.

Thanks for helping us stretch and think with these challenges.

(Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, UK)

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Kristi said... [Reply]

This cathedral's lines are so beautiful! I love how they lead my eyes up...on purpose I bet. Thanks for joining us. ♥