Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photography Challenge #34 - Toys

Melissa and Kristi set the Photography Challenge of toys for us this time. When I think of toys I think of children. We are empty nesters so my biggest child has these kind of toys. Anyone familiar with this breed?When I look at this picture I am struck by how boring it all looks with just black and all, however they are the portal to a world of color, information, relationships and activity!
I couldn't stand such a colorless post so here is one of five cars at my house for my grandson to play with. He loves his Mustang GT.
I still don't have a photo editor so I did the best I could. Outdoor photos work better for me right now. Sorry, I am just happy to try right now and participate with you all.


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said... [Reply]

April!!! I love this. I have similar toys xox

Kristi said... [Reply]

April, I'm always so glad when you participate...thank you! I have to say that I'm a little envious of all you electronic toys. They look like a lot of fun. My mother also has a Kindle and she absolutely loves it! It's truly amazing the world that these 'toys' open up to us. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo, K

Lynda and Jerry said... [Reply]

You are doing great with your photos. Your toys in the top photo look a lot like the toys we have at our house (LOL). There is a free photo editing program online that is very easy to use if you want to check it out. Even an old gal like me was able to figure it out! - but you are doing fine!

melissa deakin said... [Reply]

oh, be still my beating heart...all those techno gadgets! so fun.
and the mustang made me smile...we have cars everywhere in this house; and i mean, everywhere!
thanks so much for joining us april!