Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo challenge #33 - The 5 Senses

Another great "2 photographers 1 inspiration" photo challenge that made me think a lot. Kristi and Melissa have such beautiful photos that I am a little hesitant to put mine up. I definitely need to learn more about set up and lighting. Awesome job you two.

I chose taste. I thought a lot about this one. I even staged a photo but it didn't work so well. As you can see set up went totally out the window because this was very much a "quick! catch the moment" kind of photo. We were making cookies when my son started laughing and saying, "Look Mom, he's eating all your dough." And there you have it.
Thanks ladies for helping us stretch.


Lynda and Jerry said... [Reply]

Perfect photo! And yum!!

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said... [Reply]

OOOh wonderful image for taste!!!!! xox

Kristi said... [Reply]

Yummy! I love cookies and I love they smell when they are baking!

A. Jarrett said... [Reply]

I love your interpretation of taste! And your son so cute!

melissa deakin said... [Reply]

This is so wonderful!
I love the the moment shots!
He looks like he is really enjoying that batter...i bet it was delish!
Thanks so much for joining us, April and for your continuous kind words!