Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Challenge #32 - The Beauty of Spring

We have a new 2 photographers 1 inspiration challenge. I can't wait to see what everyone does with this one. Thanks Kristi and Melissa. I love daffodils and coloring easter eggs too! Welcome to spring.

Patience is what it takes in our country to find the beauty of spring. Apparently I need more patience . . . but there is beauty in what the snow and then fog can do to the trees and grass as they try to move into the spring that refuses to arrive.Spring???? Does anyone see buds on those branches yet? I think I see some.
And the grass is starting to turn green. Spring must be coming soon . . .
Sorry you all, there are more beautiful parts of spring out there but we haven't got there yet. So in order to bring spring to my home I had to do it artificially. I redid my fridge calendar with some bright scrapbook papers and played with my quilt fabrics. Happy Spring everyone (and Easter too).
Now this feels more like spring!


Lynda and Jerry said... [Reply]

You know the first week of the challenge I took some photos of the snow on of all things - my snowball bush. But with the warm weather the past few days, I just could not go back to the snowy pics. Your photos are lovely. I love the quilt!

Amy said... [Reply]

The quilt fabrics are so very springy! Love them. I have a scrapbook paper drop for our fridge calender too! So easy to change and fun. Looks quite cold whre you are still .... burr. Let spring find you soon!

Tatter Beans said... [Reply]

Yes come on spring... we may not have snow on the ground now...but it just keeps on raining.... I hope spring visits you soon :)

Kristi said... [Reply]

Your snow covered images are beautiful! I'm sure that spring will be visiting you soon...it just has too. I love that you have such a positive attitude and brought spring to yourself...in your own way. Your quilt is gorgeous and it is very springy. I'm so glad that you joined us this week. xoxo, K