Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Challenge #31 - Colorful

This has been such a fun photo challenge so thank you Melissa and Kristi for doing your 2 photographs 1 inspiration posts. I am in a very cold and dreary world so I really welcome this challenge to represent Colorful. I am with Melissa on this one. We just wish spring would bring the natural color back to our world so instead we just have to create it.

Color is every where. In fact, I enjoy it in so many places that it is too hard to choose just one photo as you will see. It can be in man made things, nature, architecture and culture. I love quilt shops simply because of the immersion in color that I can enjoy. I am like a kid in a candy store. I don't have to buy anything I just have to enjoy the visual stimuli.


Tatter Beans said... [Reply]

oh wow the sneakers are awesome..... I love it

Kristi said... [Reply]

Wow! So much color...I love it! The window is so elegant and the way it filters the light is amazing. I'm so glad you joined us. Have a lovely day. ♥

Lynda and Jerry said... [Reply]

LOVE the shoes!!! I also love the field. Wonderful shots.

luke and kourt said... [Reply]

I am loving all those bright sneakers! Such fun ideas and such fun photos!

Amy said... [Reply]

Look at those wonderful eggs! Wow!

melissa deakin said... [Reply]

oh wow, april.
these are amazing.
such gorgeous bursts of color in each image!
thanks so much for joining are so talented!