Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apron Making with Grandma

Grandma taught us how to make aprons. We cut them out today but we needed more time to actually sew them so we left that for another day.Victoria was the first to cut hers out and start sewing.
Adina and I just got them cut out. . . . so on to another day. Victoria has more pictures of that tuesday on her blog here.
Victoria and I finished ours about a week later.

. . . and then she thought it would be great to make one for Merrick.
Voila . . . a cars apron for Merrick.

Here are the aprons we have finished so far: Victoria's is on the left, my apron is in the middle and the one for Merrick is on the right.

On the right in this picture is one that Grandma made from my same material.

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