Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flower book that Grandma found

Grandma has been creating again. She found this wonderful book about making fabric flowers inspired by the flowers from Japan's Geisha's called "Kanzashi in Bloom" by Diane Gilleland. So to use this fun idea she made a little bag from a place mat and added the flower from the book.

This is the Kanzashi flower in it's first version.

Below is the book front and back covers if you are interested in finding one to buy. There are a couple other flower styles as well and fun ideas of how to use them and adapt them to other projects. It reminds me of doing origami only with fabric. I love origami so it's a nice fit.

Akina says the Kanzashi means "Japanese hairpin or hair accessory" and gave us a link so we can see what some of them look like. She says they are usually made of hard plastic and worn with kimonos. There are some on the other pages in the link that look like softer flowers.

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