Friday, March 11, 2011

Making fabric flowers with Grandma

Grandma and I decided to make fabric flowers while we waited for the BYU-New Mexico game to start. First I taught her how to make these flowers. The one on the left is out of chiffon and the one on the right is out of lining material. Next I showed her how to make the flowers that Natalie and I made for the sisters.
They were fun and simple. We even had fun burning the edges and making them more finished looking.
I had a special request by a local photographer for two small flowers on head bands. We had showed her the necklace that you made Natalie. I made two of these flowers for the photographer to use as bows for a pair of preemie twins when she takes their pictures. Grandma helped me know the right length to make the headbands.
We used a cabbage patch doll to try to guess the size of the head. . . remember those girls? I hope it works!
Anyone remember who had the green eyed doll?
Next Grandma taught me how to make a Kanzashi flower. My first attempt. They are unfinished. We need to find something to use for a center.
Then we watched the game and Jimmer Fredette's historic 52 points in one game! Go BYU!

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