Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Simple Things Sunday

Rebecca from Simple as That hosts a "The Simple Things" Sunday photo challenge. I decided to join today.

Our simple thing this week was Meat Loaf. How basic is that. However we tried something my husband saw on a food channel and baked it on a parchment paper on a tray so that the grease could run out. Such a simple idea but it makes a big difference. No more greasy meat loaf!!! Yeah, that should help lower Cholesterol.

You just mix up your meat loaf mix, any recipe. Then shape it on the parchment paper lined baking sheet or pan and bake at 350 F as usual. The grease is not contained by the loaf pan or muffin tin (for mini meat loafs). It can run away from the meat loaf. Transfer to a serving dish and enjoy! If you are wondering what the red stuff is I top my meat loaf with a mixture of ketsup, dried mustard powder and brown sugar about 15 minutes before it is done baking.

This was pretty lean meat but you can see the grease that was left on the paper. It also makes for very easy clean up . . . just throw the paper away, no more grease!

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rebecca said... [Reply]

looks yummy mom always tops her meatloaf the same way! thanks for the great tip and thanks for linking up this week! :)