Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

The idea with this photography challenge is to take things during the week that describe five prompts. That is not always possible in our country. Weather can make it impossible to take pictures outside. So here is the best I can do this week.

Black and white:

Day in my life:

Four strings on a cello:


I can't get the below button to work so here is the link to this week's. page.

Next weeks challenge:
Smile (Saun's suggestion)
Stand Alone (Saun's suggestion)
Rusty or Something Old (Saun's suggestion)
Artificial (Terrie's suggestion)
Repeating Pattern (Terrie's suggestion)


Ebony said... [Reply]

Wow, love your sunset... looks like fire!

Lui said... [Reply]

I think you get them all!

Desirae R said... [Reply]

I LOVE the drama that is in your sunset shot! Beautiful set.

The Frisk Five said... [Reply]

Such a cute little face in the black and white ;P. Good shots.

Ashley Sisk said... [Reply]

That first shot is incredible - it looks like the sky is on fire.

Lea's Menagerie said... [Reply]

Very good!
Sunset and Colorful are my favorites!