Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Simple Things Sunday - Mother's Day

I couldn't think of a simple thing this week until I remembered that 33 years ago I had a baby on Sunday, Mother's day. The same date as today. I wonder how many times that happens that your birthday falls on the day you were born. Here he is.
Well, we were playing with our newest grandson today and look what I discovered. The simplest thing . . . the hair! A trend in the family.    Happy Mother's Day you all!!!
Yesterday we were able to take Grandma to Lunch for Mother's day. Here are our four, or rather 3 and 1/2 generations of Mothers. Victoria's little girl is still to come.
Dad made us dessert today.
Except for my little helper who helped me make the Whipping Cream.

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Emily said... [Reply]

Such a sweet little guy! I love that hair!
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