Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Simple Things Sunday

Here is my simple things challenge as hosted by Rebecca Cooper of Simple as That. Thanks Rebecca for encouraging us to take time to capture the little moments in life!

My grandson wanted to make cookies today. Here he is learning how to use the cookie scoop. He had fun putting them on the cookie sheet with a hard squeezing job and a plop. He loved it!

A little shake but he needs to squeeze harder.

The cookie sheet is finally filled. After a hard job of coordinating his hands to squeeze!

The final result and lots of yums from those not in the kitchen!
Sorry about the quality of the photos . . . they were taken on my iphone since my real camera was elsewhere for the moment. I had a learning curve to get them from the phone, to the computer, and then find where they downloaded etc.
I have to tell you all out there that your posts make me smile! Thank you for sharing your simple things with us all.

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Julie said... [Reply]

My older girls have wonderful memories baking with their great grandma. I want to be that kind of grandma too!