Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Jan 26-Feb 1

I just stumbles across this website http://orgjunkie.com/2009/01/menu-plan-monday-jan-26th-giveaway.html It is all about menu planning so I thought this might help us be more healthy so here goes for the first time.

Monday - traveling so Garlic Herb Chicken at Applebees sounds good
Tuesday - arriving home - Taco Salad
Wednesday - Crock pot stew
Thursday - Mini Meat balls
Friday - Pizza Friday
Saturday - Surprise - could be left overs or eating out depending on the schedule - have to be flexible on this day
Sunday - Pad Thai

We are very spontaneous so menu planing has always been unsuccessful!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bouquet from Victoria - the one she wants

I found this bouquet on the knot.com and I really like it. -Victoria

Friday, January 9, 2009

Center piece ideas that mom found in Michael's store

Interesting shape, has beads on fine fishing line I think. Maybe it is a spray? Interesting shape but maybe too modern?

Look at the front, small arrangement in the round glass vase with two cala lilies and the twisted leaf with small glass beads. It is hard to separate it from the other arrangements so you have to look closely.
This Candle can be surrounded by flower petals or cranberries and flowers around the base. Natalie says that Brittany had something like this.
You probably saw this at Christmas time. The candle in the center is battery operated and glows similar to the tea light type. Aunt Allyson had a bunch of these candles that we could use wherever.

50% Things I saw in Michaels but didn't buy

Tall Grasses with gold teardrop beads on them. (not the orange ones. Look in the center.)
These grasses have little bead crystals on them. I already have grasses and we could add beads if you like that look.
These flowers on the arch have draping greenery. What do you think about this type of arrangement but in your colors? Should we pickup some drippy greenery . . .hahaha.

Fuzzy type grass sprigs that are off white.

New items purchased from Michael's

4 deep red amaranth for hanging out of large arrangements. The stem is taller than it looks. I folded it to make it stand straight in the vase.
3 bundles of tall gold curly sticks, can be sprayed with sparkle if needed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wedding stuff, and the things I purchased

These are all the things I got yesterday at Hobby Lobby. Let me know what you think. There are 150ft of ribbon.

These were fun strands of pearlized beads I thought we might be able to do something fun with. They are at Micheals .

This is the last of the stuff from Hobby Lobby.

These are all different things I looked at yesterday, some flowers and sprigs and fun feathers all sorts of stuff. These colors all looked like they would go with the decorating theme.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding items are starting to collect at Mom's

Grasses to put between flowers in big bouquet.
Magnolia blossems dusted with sparkles and with jewel like centers cones.
7 whtie, 3 burrgundy cala lillies
Multi colored hydrangeas.
Red Hydrangeas
Large Crysanthemums
The description is with the below picture but this was taken with out the flash. It is hard to know how to best capture the colors.
4 little bags with fur, 1/2" satin ribbon, ribbons in gold red and beige, 12 deep red roses, deep red leaves.
Garland of beige and gold berries (with flash) I have 1 sprig as well. (from Chintzy's in Calgary)
Garland of beige and gold berries 6 foot long (with out flash) Sprigs below as shown in Chintzy's