About Us

We are mothers, grandmothers, sisters and wives (even if there are only five of us). We love photography, art, music, creating and basically the beauty and art of any aspect of life. My three daughters and their grandmother join me in the creative process! You will see many of their creative items in this blog. We have learned much from our grandmothers about cooking, crafting, sewing, loving others, and etc. They have left us with a wonderful legacy. We hope you enjoy learning and creating with us.

We are as follows:
Natalie - stay at home mom, fashion designer, lover of art, photography and many more creative forms.
Meghan - product designer, lover of art, architecture, travel, photography and many more creative forms.
Victoria - stay at home mom, hair stylist, lover of photography, organization, quilting and many more creative forms.
Grandma Alice - grandma to many, fantastic cook, self-taught fashion designer, teddy bear maker, and lover of all things crafty and creative.
April - mother to the first three girls, daughter-in-law to the above very talented lady, interior designer, lover of art, architecture, travel, photography and so many other crafty or artistic endeavors. Also major and most times sole contributor to this blog.

This blog originally started as a place to share ideas for our daughter's wedding but after the wedding it became a place to share crafts, photography, and projects of all kinds with each other, our extended family and you. We are so glad you stopped by. Please leave a comment as we would love to hear from you. Enjoy!