Saturday, August 26, 2017

Canada's 150 Anniversary quilt

Victoria and I  found these fabrics that are available only in Canada in September of 2014. They were on sale so we bought enough for three quilts.

The collection is called Oh Canada, by Northcott Fabrics of Canada

In January of 2015 Victoria and I started designing a quilt. This is her quilt in progress.

The next year we saw that the fabrics were still being produced. It is now 2017 and the 150th Anniversary of Canada. I thought this would be a fun way to mark this event so we decided to make one for each family. 

We mad three in 2017. One for Natalie. She cut the fabric for all three in Augut of 2017. We finished her's then but didn't quilt it so that she could take it home easily.

One for Irina that we gave for her in Dec 2017. Irina did most of the the sewing on it.

One for Scott that we gave to him in Dec of 2018. His is the same design as Irina's with red sashing instead of black. The only one with black sashing is Victoria's.