Tuesday, December 15, 2020

2020 1215 - Thomas' and Mike's quilts

 Thomas told me that he wanted a quilt that I made so the search was on for a good pattern. I chose a couple and asked which one he liked the best. He chose a quilt pattern called "On the Move." This is the result.

The real problem came when we realized that he couldn't come home for Christmas because of the Covid lockdown. So I made the top up and sent it to Natalie. Her mother-in-law, Deb Hardin, helped out by quilting it. They chose this backing for it and it was completed by December 1st. 

Onec I made this I realized that I had enough fabric left to make one for Mike. It helped that he said he really liked the one I made for Thomas. So on I went. I was able to quilt it on December 4th.

The binding was finished on December 15th. The minki we found for the back has glitter on it and this is what it looks like.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2020 1209 - Grinch quilt for Victoria and Scott are finally done!

One day I was at the Coaldale Quilt store, now called Chicken Feed Quilts, and saw a kit for a Grinch quilt! Awesome, Brad would love that since he loves the Grinch and Christmas. The project was definitely on!

The first one was for Brad so I made it in Texas while visiting Natalie. However, Natalie wanted it so I left it for her and made another one for Brad at home in 2011. 

Then Victoria and I  each wanted one so I made two more in 2019. When my friends, Nese Capron and Beth Barrus came to visit at the end of September 2019 we had a heavy snow and got snowed in. They helped me piece together two tops while we waited for the weather to clear so we could explore Banff. It was fun to do with them. Beth and I cut and put the pieces in order and Nese sewed the first top. I finished the second one after they went home.

I finally finished Victoria's on Nov 6, 2020. And I saved the one that my friends had sewn for me. It was finished a few days later.

Victoria's quilt

When Scott saw them he wanted one. This time I had to order more fabric. He wanted it large enough to wrap him and the two girls in. Just add an extra border and voila!

Scott's quilt
So that total grew to five Grinch quilts.