Sunday, March 6, 2016

A New House Being Built-

We have been looking for land to build on but have not been able to find a place that we like. We found one and I drew plans for it but it was in a cul-de-sac and backed on to a street of tinny houses that the town had insisted on having for starter homes. It reminds me of packed in row housing except for they are detached. You can't hardly turn around because the street is so narrow.

There is a division in town called Prairie Lake Estates. It was started by Henk DeVligar but the town made some pretty crazy demands. The lots are narrow and there is a row designated for townhouses right across from really big houses. None the less he developed it and put a pond with a fountain in the center of the development and then a walking path around it. After Henk became Mayor he sold it to the Tams brothers. They were able to change the zoning and get the townhouse area developed into single homes instead of townhouses. When we were looking at places around town we have not been able to place that we like  until we found these lots for sale.

We bought Lot 14 at Prairie Lake Estates. 

The process begins. We have to draw plans and figure out how to set a house on this plot of land with it's Right of Utilities as an easement. I can come up to it but not on it. We can't plant any trees because the Taber Irrigation District has part of the easement for water lines and if the water gets are anywhere near they will get in to the line and cause it to burst. It has taken over 30 or more plans to come up with something that works.

 This first photo is the land from the South East corner. 


The second photo is looking from the North West corner. The Pond is to the left of the big house.
   Here is the fountain.

There is supposed to be a three feet drop from the front to this corner at the back but it is hard to tell because of the depression in the ground

They are building a road on the inside for access to the houses. Also the engineers have to stake out the position and elevation of the house before we cam begin to dig.

We sent our plans to the town in November around the 12th but approval wasn't given until January. Luckily this has been a mild winter.

We were able to start digging on January 19th, 2016. It is a mild winter so they were able to dig.

Finally Digging.

They are getting ready to do the foundation of the house.

By January 21st the foundation footings were poured.

 January 23rd they were getting the frames ready to set up.

 The frames are up ready for to be poured on January 27th..

On January 29th the frames are off and the basement walls are done.
This is from the front with the garage on the right.

A view through the west windows.

A panoramic view of the north side where the entrance to the walk out basement will be and then the deck above.