Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Quilt for Jon - in a hurry

Victoria arrived early in December 2013 with a project that needed doing fast for a Christmas. So we put our heads together and created this Box Trot quilt in a jiffy!

The lay out looks better finished! Unfortunately, I never got a picture of the finished product! Merry Christmas to Jon Kapcsos aka Manny.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Snowman Quilt - Let it Snow series

In August of 2012 I started cutting out the snowman quilt from the series of flannel titled "Let it Snow".

In 2013 I sewed it all together prior to going to Natalie's.

So the little snow quilt was fringed in Texas and sent to California. Snow to the snowless!

I had to turn this upside down so you could see the cute snowmen!

Finally finished in Nov 2013!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cake for Noah Jennnison

We had a Service Auction at Relief Society in March. It was fun. We were each given 1500 monopoly bucks to spend on a silent auction part or a bidding auction. The items auctioned were things each of us could do as a service. I chose to donate a "make you a cake" service. It is now July and here is my cake. Nicki (Davidson) Jennison bought my service and her son's birthday was on July 3rd. She wanted a skateboard cake, so voila

I discovered that Hostess is really gone in Canada. I was hoping for chocolate cake donut wheels but I couldn't find them. Tim Horton donuts are too large so I found these . . . it worked.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Quilt for Thalia

The last time I was in Texas we went to The Dripping Springs Quilt shop. They had a cute little quilt on display so we chose fabric and made this little butterfly quilt.
We started cutting this before Victoria and Thalia's visit in April and I quilted it before she returned to California.
this was my first attempt at meandering quilting. It is a very random method but it was fun.

We stopped by to show visit Grandma. She loved seeing both Thalia and her quilt, but mostly Thalia!
Victoria's two snuggly pups "helped" out while I bound the quilt. One chewed up the spool of thread as well as snuggling. Jealousy?
And the finished product!!! Enjoy it Thalia. tlhe finished quilt is 39" x 50"