Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mame's Countdown Blocks

Marilynne, Allyson and the girls made Countdown blocks on the weekend. These are Mame's blocks. I'd like to know where she got the cute paper. Leave a comment if you know.

She did some really cute cards. You can see them by looking here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fabric Flower Tutorials

There are lots of Flower Tutorials out there:
There are quite a few at Tip Junkie.

The first one I found was from Little Birdie Secrets
and it led to Making Flower Pins

Next we have the Burda Style flowers.
There are also fabric flowers at Calamity Kim.
This one is from Wise Craft.

Flower Yourself by Eliza

Yesterday I went to a show at Eliza's house. She is the creative designer of Flower Yourself. Be sure to visit her etsy shop by the same name.
This was Eliza's first show but she had been making flowers for a while. She just whipped up this cute sign just for the show and hung it on her wall. You can tell how creative she is. I was very impressed by the quality of her goods and designs.
There was quite an assortment to choose from. She had made necklaces, head bands, pins, and flower clips on this table.
This is a close up of the head bands. Notice they are on gold or silver head bands to match the tones of the flowers. The paper tag is just her label.
On this table she has baby hair bands and other hair bands more suited for young girls. The hat with a flower was the door prize.
The pins or flower clips can be used to hold scarves in place or . . .
dress up a t-shirt or . . .
adorn a cute bag. There are all kinds of options and uses for her flower creations.
She had two panels of flower pins or clips.
I took two of this one to show the yellow flower that we bought.
The second panel was also full of a variety of flower styles and colors.
She has even created these cute cards to display her items on.
You can't miss the cute bouquet of flowers.
All in all she is a very talented and special lady. We love you Eliza!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Victoria's Letter Project

Check out the pretty "K" Victoria made when she was with Natalie. They got the Letters at Hobby Lobby, put paper on them and then but stick on bling as embelishments.
Victoria is going to Texas this Saturday so if anyone wants letters please leave a comment below stating how many and which letter.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cricut Tags for Ward Supper

Our ward supper featured different canning as the centerpieces. Mame was able to cut the tags for me on her Circut. The activities Committee leader loved how they dressed up the jars.

Thanks Mame for all your help!!!
The different sized of tags were very useful!!!
Too bad the table clothes weren't in autumn colors . . . oh well, it was a last minute assignment, what can you do?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11th Family Craft Day - Countdown Blocks

Welcome to our first ever family Craft Day! We got together at Ruthanne's house to make "Countdown to Christmas Blocks". The day started at 6am for Mame and Candice who used the Cricut to cut out the words and numbers. Mame and Candice made up packs for each set of blocks we were going to do. 0-5 for one block and 0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 for the other block. Be sure that you put the six/nine on non-directional and non writing paper so you can turn it upside down for the 9.
Even Bentley was helping Mame cut tags out for me on the Cricut. At 1pm the rest of us came to paint the bases. We had purchased blocks already painted. Next we chose and cut our paper.
You will see how individual they all turned out!
It takes a while to cut it all out.
Still cutting . . .
Next came the "Hodge Podging" as Adina dubbed it. We Modge Podged on the papers and letters then gave it a final coat of "Hodge Podge."
Everyone is busy putting their personal touch on their blocks.
The Holst family made four sets from two sets of the same papers. That is how far the paper goes however you have to be creative with how you to the base.
Also, ****IMPORTANT**** To avoid tons of frustration. Change the plastic on the table after you are done painting. We had problems getting paint on the paper from the plastic table cloth while we were modge podging things on the blocks.
I think Mame's papers came from Stamp it Up. They were so cute!!! Great job Mame.
The Holsts used papers Ruthanne found at Scrapbookers Paradise.
Victoria found some papers at Michael's.
She kept Merrick busy with Mame's copic pen figures so Adina could do her craft.
Most of the papers were double sided so you could use a different pattern on all six sides of the block.
Allyson was able to drop in via skype so here are the girls showing her their blocks.

LeiLani came a little later so you can see the original blocks that we were covering. We just painted the base 2x4s to match. Notice that Kristen's base top fits. I think that is because they made four sets from 2 sets of paper.
I think this is Kristen set of blocks. Look at the star by the number one! Fun placement Kristen.
Adina is doing her first craft ever. She did a great job!!!
Voila her final product. Adina shared the same papers with Grandma.
This is Grandma's set. You can get two sets with 3 pieces of paper but you will see that the final top of the block is a little too narrow for the top.
This is the one I made for Natalie from the BoBunny papers from Scrapbookers Paradise.

LeiLani finished her base top with the ends of the strips that were cut off. Very clever adaptation!
To finish off we decided to sign the bottom of everyone's project! Thanks for the fun idea and great day girls!!!