Saturday, February 21, 2009

The wonder of a baby!

I missed the deadline for this "favorite picture contest." This is my husband and second son in a silhouette that just happened by accident. I love the hair and little nose as he looks at his dad! The wonder of a baby!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New ideas

Instead of a candy favor bar you could simply put three small glass bowls with the three colors of m&ms on the table. There will be room and possibly you will need less . . .keep the costs down. What about that?
Also check out the ideas on the centerpiece trials post. I just updated it with some other ideas after talking to Victoria.

Good looking dessert!

I am impressed with this dessert. The bottom layer is a panne cotta (type of custard), then comes a strawberry mousse topped with a strawberry gelee and garnished with strawberries and meringue sticks. Sorry Natalie about the egg whites but it looks so good. I found it on a blog link from Alysha's blog and so forth called Cannelle et Vanille

Monday, February 16, 2009

Alysha won a photography award!

Congratulations Alysha!!! That's super! Check out her blog here.

She entered a contest on this on the site for Studio 414.

Sweet Love Kit from Digi-designs by Nicole

I found this kit by Digi-designs by Nicole called Sweet Love. It is for sale in her store. Check out the colors and how the black, white and burgundy are joined by the pink. It really lightens it up. It would make some good backgrounds and pages for Victoria's guest book. It sort of matches the wedding colors . . .almost. For layouts by her CT members see this post on her blog.

Menu Plan Monday - Feb 15-22

Wow, I need to take a break from Wedding planning and figure out what to eat! We are only one month away from the wedding so the pressure is on!!!

Menu Plan Monday is an idea from I'm an Oganizing Junkie

Monday: Chicken Pad Thai by Meghan
Tuesday: Sloppy Joes made in the crock pot
Wednesday: temporarily out of town
Thursday: Chicken Parmegiano
Friday: Pizza Friday
Saturday: left overs

Hope that works for this week. Last week one of the new recipes was a bomb so I won't try any new ones this week.

Favor Ideas if needed

One of the new things on the wedding scene is Favor Candy Bars. You put candies in different containers and provide a container for the guest to choose the ones they like. To do this you need to choose 7-10 types of candies. Any less doesn't work that well I am told. So below are some ideas for containers. The suggestion would be to do candies in your wedding colors, like white scotch mints, black and red other candies, like m&ms or red lips or licorice, or jube jubes etc. Aunt Allyson suggested you check the Valentines candy that should be on sale now and see what is available if you want to do this kind of a thing as a thank you.
see the little organza bags along the front? Allyson got those from
Silver Mint Tins 300 @ 18.43
Organza Bag - Black, Burgundy, White or Ivory 300 @ 3x4 $34 or 4x6 $44
Sacchetto Black Favor Boxes 300 @ $93.78 CDN
Clear Plastic Pillow Box 3" x 4" 300 @ about $97.39 CDN

This is the most expensive one - Clear plastic Cone 300 @ about $108.00 CDN

Miniature Hersey's chocolate bars with specialized printed messages in your choice of color and design = cost of mini bars +.35 cdn/label if printed by someone else.

Silver Cake Stands

Here is an idea for displaying a wedding cake. Or there are glass and silver cake stands or a simple cardboard covered in fondant with a 1/2" burgandy ribbon around the bottom. What kind of look do you want?

13" Raised Silver plated Cake Stand from Save-On Crafts for $22.50 This site didn't have any glass ones.
Cake Plateau 15" top and 19" base from Save-On-Crafts for $49.95
14" Cake Plateau with 17 1/2" Base from Save-On-Crafts for $61.00

What size do you want your bottom cake to be?
I found this 14" cake platter for $69.00 at

Alternate idea!!!

You have burgundy plates and burgundy and cream napkins. How about using black table cloths so the red flower centerpieces and plates stand out. Click on the picture to look close at this picture for notes and ideas but imagine it with a black topper instead of the gold one, with cream and red rose petals and a centerpiece.
*****Remember that you are not! setting tables like a sit down dinner. There will be nothing on the tables except for the center piece stuff.

Centerpiece trials

12" Black tray pretending to be a black charger
Here are some more variations of table decor. Imagine this as a single square or table runner on a white cloth with a small bouquet of deep red roses and cream flowers.
The vase can have a light in the bottom. It will show up more in the dark. I will take another picture tonight to show how this works.
Rose bowl with square cloth on white. It is sitting on a 10" silver tray pretending to be mirror! I can't get any in town.
Rose bowl with small tea lights for lighting effect.
Rose bowl without tea lights.
This is called a floating candle dish. I could put three rose in the bowl instead of only one in the rose bowl. Imagine that this is a black ROUND charger.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Centerpiece Idea from Victoria that she really likes

For a look at what Victoria likes for the center peice see Elegant Wedding Decor
Once it has loaded enter the centerpiece gallery on the right and look at the fourth one down on the left column of the 8 pictures spread.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Feb 9-14

Wow, another week has rolled by and we are back to Menu Plan Monday from the I'm an Organizing Junkie website. I was gone last week so our meals were all planned for us. This week I'm taking out the cookbooks like Laura suggested:

Monday: Tuna Casserole (family recipe)
Tuesday: 15-Min Marinated Chicken
Wednesday: Oven baked Meat Balls in a Teriyaki Sauce
Thursday: Left overs
Friday: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner party - tba
Saturday: Valentines day dinner out
Sunday: Beef Teriyaki

Have a good week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Willow branch Centerpiece ideas from Natalie

this is more of a table topper but I was thinking of doing this on the ground in big urns or boxes wrapped in fabric with tones of roses or burgundy hydranga at the bottom.

Fun Ideas from Brittney's Wedding

I thought for your tables white table clothes like this with the burgundy and then gold table runner in place of the white and black.

So I like the branches we would just do ours in gold tones, and hang gold and pearl or clear crystal from them, remember this is just an idea, to give us inspiration.

Chair Bow idea from Victoria

I like this on the chairs over the white covers that Aunt Allyson has.

More Centerpiece ideas from Victoria

This one could be done with some of other colors. Deeper colors.

I also like this one, to give it some color variation.

Centerpiece idea from Victoria

This is just an idea. I think this is pretty.

Centerpieces ideas from Natalie

Victoria I like this one with the feathersi found at Hobby lobby some cala lillies,greenery and your roses.