Thursday, June 20, 2019

In Memory of Bobby MacDonald


 Dave MacDonald, Patricia Edmonds, and Bobby McDonalds


Tragedy struck at Christmas when Dave MacDonald’s only brother took his life on Christmas Eve, 2018. on April 10 - 13, 2019 Dave has three sisters, Patricia Edmonds, Janice Mellish and Cathy Mc Jannet. He decided he wanted to do something to help his sisters and him remember their brother. 

They had a closet full of his flannel shirt. Marilynne organized us into a quilter’s weekend at our home in Taber. Marilynne, Allyson, Ruthanne and April made four quilts in a weekend from cutting the shirts apart to sewing them into a pattern. We had the shirt pockets included in each quilt so Dave could slip a note into each one for his sisters. The fourth one was for Dave.

We were able to get the tops all sewn. Next I quilted them on the my friend's long arm quilting machine by May 20th, 2019 and Marilynne bound them.

Dave and Mame took a trip out to New Brunswick where two of the sisters still live. Cathy McJannet, from California, met them there and they had a little memorial of sorts where he presented them each with a quilt. He posted this photo on Facebook sometime in the fall of that year. I am not sure when they actually went there.