Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bela's Quilt top is finished

Natalie and I found this cute pattern called "Dolly Claire" by Karen DuMont of KariePatch Designs. She asked me to make it for Bela. So after having the pattern for a while Grandma and I decided to get it started. We started Bela's quilt by cutting all the flowers out. With a trip to Texas coming up I felt a little pressed to get it going!
Once I got to Texas I appliqued all the flowers.
Then came cutting and sewing to finish the rest of the quilt. I just love the pattern and the fabrics. They make me smile and think happy thoughts!!!
Natalie and I found pillows for $3 each so I am made a matching pillow for Bela's bed. Here it is.
I just followed the feel of the quilt top to design this pillow.
Now the question is what is the best way to quilt this? Any ideas? I love getting the tops done but I have no idea how to actually finish them.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Memory Quilts

Natalie made these two memory quilts for Victoria. A while back we found this cute minkie quilt idea and I did a post about it. They originated at Joel and Laurie Dewberry's blog.

This one is for Peyton with it's cute original butterflies.
This one is for Seth with this cute monkey.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quilt idea for Victoria

Imagine this in your colors with circles of the feature fabrics and a border of the stripe. What do you think? Can you see it?
It could be a fun thing to do on the bumper pads too. Just a thought.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday at Jean's Fabric and Friends

The 0riginal collection that goes with the stripe and you can see some more in the basket on the floor.
1 Stripe with two lighter from the same collection that were in the b asket
2 Stripe with green circle pattern
3 Stripe with green and brown random patterns
4 Stripe with light purple
5 Better look at the purple pattern in med
6 Stripe with med purple
7 Stripe with funky purple/green pattern
8 Stripe with teal leaf pattern
9 Stripe with teal petal pattern
10 Stripe with teal branch pattern
11 Stripe with green dots pattern
12 Stripe with random
13 Stripe with paisley pattern
14 Stripe with purple water swirl pattern
15 Stripe with floral and solids
16 Stripe with green with grey swirls
17 Stripe with Grey with green swirls
18 Sripe with grey with black dots
19 Stripe with green with white dots
20 Stripe with green with green swirls
21 Stripe with purple floral
22 Stripe with beige on beige pattern
23 Stripe with purple semi solid
24 Stripe with green with white and purple hatch pattern
25 Stripe with green multi pattern
26 Collection above Stripe collection - too floral
27 Same collection in more detail
28 Stripe with back with random colored dots - introduces blue and doesn't go with other fabrics
29 Collection A
30 Stripe with lighter purple
31 Collection B
32 Stripe with green and white random dot pattern
33 Stripe with funky hexaganol pattern
34 Stripe with teal with white dots
35 Stripe with cream random star burst
36 Stripe with cream with green dots
37 Stripe with pink funky circles
A Alternate stripe with different base colors
B Stripe with back with random dots to match
a Valentine dress
b Valentine fabrics
c Valentine reds
d Valentine black and whites