Friday, July 23, 2010

Raspberry Jam

It's canning time and the raspberries are beautiful. We made freezer jam! Yummmmm

Adina and Victoria helped me make the freezer raspberry jam and were busy sorting raspberries so it would be tasty.

Next comes the actual jam making.

And then the bottling.
Wow, the finished product . . .

and our favorite little taster.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lila Tueller and fun new quilt fabrics from Market

Check out Lila's blog for some pictures of new collections in the quilt world. She also has a new line coming out.

Upholstery Charts from Pearl Street Interiors

I saw this Upholstery chart link on Ucreate and decided to blog about it. My neice just reupholstered her chair and I was wondering how she figured out how much fabric and how to do it. She is doing an awesome job of decorating her house. So at Pearl Street Interiors you can find a chart or multiple charts and ideas of how to do reupholstering and other fun projects. Head on over for some fun ideas.

Lemon Tree Creations and Cutting Edge Stencils

I was looking on Ucreate and saw this cool wall art from Lemon Tree Creations. I'm not one for putting things on my wall permanently so the wood wall hanging caught my eye. Cutting Edge Stencils has some beautiful stencils. Erin of Lemon Tree Creations created this wonderful piece with the "Birds on a Branch" stencil. I love the depth she achieved with the different colors. Be sure to check out her post for her explanation of how she did this.

Also one could use it on a canvass to create a cool piece of art. Erin used this on her wall but why not put it to another use.
This button doesn't work as a button but you can click on the above link.