Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Asian Quilt for Akina - Dec 2012

A long time ago Victoria and I were in Tannel's Quilt shop in Lethbridge and saw some beautiful Asian fabric. So here is what we came up with.

We bought fabric then had to figure out how to assemble it in August of 2012. Here is the process. The pattern is called Shoji.
I had red minkie and needed a binding.
It looked better with black minki and so here is the finished quilt. I know I took some time but it was quilted in Dec and became a christmas gift for Akina.

Christmas morning . . . .

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Simple Things Sunday #110 - Fun of the season

The Christmas season means many things to people. To us it is the birth of the Savior that is most important. We do have small and simple things that we enjoy doing with the kids at this time. Here we are decorating sugar cookies to share with others. I love the joy on these little faces! The are being creative and engaged in the task they are doing. It was fun!
(actually taken near San Antonio,Texas while visiting grandkids)

Ni Hao Yall
Unknown Mami

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simple Things Sunday #109 - The Littlest Angel

The Littlest Angel 
It is the first Sunday in December and I have been reading about the birth of Jesus. I can think of nothing more simple and beautiful than the smile of a baby so newly come to earth. She looks at lights a lot and it makes me wonder what she sees or remembers with the light. Here is our littlest Angel
Location: Earth! Taken with a fixed lens 50/1.8. I am experimenting to learn how to use this lens.

Ni Hao Yall
Unknown Mami