Saturday, May 22, 2021

2021 0521 Musical Gifts Quilt

Wendy Engleson and I were quilt fabric shopping on April 14th when we saw a music quilt. The one on the wall had piano keys and all the instruments that Mike and I play so I thought it would be fun to put it in the band room. I took a picture of the one on the wall but they didn't have pattern anymore and it was unavailable. Wendy and I measured it as best as we could, bought fabric and I went home to draft the pattern.

Jameson had expressed interest in making a music quilt for his teacher, Lori Jo Barnes, but that is a big project for a teacher gift from a student. Lori Jo plays the keyboard in Mike's band, Plum Crazy.  She can see it when she is here if the band ever gets back to practice. It has been a long hiatus with all the Covid-19 restrictions, since March of 2020.

On Tuesday the 11th of May I went to Heather Farrell's and quilted the Music quilt. I was finished with it's binding on May 21st, 2021. This is probably the fastest that I have ever made a quilt from start to finish. The soft cream color minky is the softest Heather has ever seen.